Norfolk Ceiling Fan Installation Services

Ceiling fans are an attractive, cost-effective and practical addition to any home or business in the Norfolk area. They are, however, very difficult to install if you don’t have any electrical expertise. Not only are they cumbersome when you are standing atop your ladder, an incorrect installation can make your home, business and any of the property’s inhabitants vulnerable to electrical shocks, fires and injuries from improperly mounted fans falling from their anchors.

Of course, don’t let the risks of installing a ceiling fan yourself deter you from getting these valuable mechanisms added to your Norfolk home or business. SEL.Electric LLC’s commercial and residential electricians have been installing ceiling fans for years with the same quality work and affordable, transparent pricing one should always expect when dealing with SEL.Electric LLC.

We firmly believe that our Norfolk electricians have earned every little bit of their reputations for reliable service. With so much practical experience conducting ceiling fan installations, we can easily identify areas of optimal placement and make sure that your ceiling fan is safely and securely installed.

For a free estimate on our ceiling fan installation services, call SEL.Electric LLC today. A member of our team will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

Residential Ceiling Fan Installations

How much are you spending on energy every month? If your answer to this question was something along the lines of, “Too much,” then you might be interested to learn that installing a ceiling fan can help reduce your home’s energy costs.

Heating and cooling accounts for approximately 48 percent of the energy use in the average home. This makes it the largest energy expense of most homes. But, what can you do? You can’t turn off your heat or your air conditioner because they are too important to your comfort.

You can ease the strain of how much hot or cold air your home’s systems need to produce with the help of a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan, when correctly installed by one of SEL.Electric LLC’s electricians, can either help the cold air throughout your home in the summer or push the hot air collecting around the ceiling in the winter, easing the amount of energy your system uses.

Commercial Ceiling Fan Installations

Much like residential ceiling fan installations, think about how much of your business’s operations budget gets eaten up by heating and cooling. If your business’s energy costs are far too high for your liking, you could really stand to benefit from one of our commercial electricians coming by and installing a ceiling fan to ease the workload of your heater and air conditioner.

And, while you are saving money on energy every month thanks to your newly installed ceiling fans, you get the added bonus of some extra design features to make your business beautiful. With commercial clients, we can make ourselves available to work outside of your work hours at your convenience.

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